Ridge Mavericks Soccer Club New Jersey

Players Handbook

Download the official MNJYSA League Handbook (PDF) for Fall 2013 or go to the MNJYSA site to download http://www.mnjysa.org/AnnouncementDetails.aspx?Newsid=513&Pageid=6.

To familiarize yourself with the travel soccer program, please read our overview.

What do the Ridge Mavericks expect from our players?

  1. To show respect towards your teammates, coaches, opponents, opposing coaches, referees, and spectators at all times and without exception.

  2. A willing and positive effort to learn and improve.

  3. To encourage and support your teammates on and off the field during both practices and games.

  4. To honor the commitment you made to the team by arriving to games and practices on time and attending scheduled practices and games. If you cannot attend a game or practice or if you will arrive late, always let your coach and team parent know ahead of time. Please arrive to practices 5 minutes before your scheduled start time as practices will begin promptly. Please arrive to games 30 minutes before your scheduled start time, fully dressed with a filled water bottle, soccer ball and alternate jersey packed in your bag. This will allow adequate time for the coach and team to complete both mental and physical preparation for the game. After the game, the coach will conduct a short cool down and debriefing, so do not leave the field until you are excused by your coach.

What do we expect from our players' parents?

  1. To support and positively encourage your child and their teammates at games. No coaching from the sidelines. No exceptions. Words of encouragement and excitement are great and add to the experience of the players, but any instructional advice should be coming from the coaches' sideline only. Please read Keys to Peak Parental Performancefor helpful guidelines.
  1. An active involvement in your child's progress by asking her or him what they learned or worked on at practice or during a game.
  1. Adherence to the SAGE Agreement you signed at the beginning of the season. (See MNJYSA SAGE Agreement). Please keep in mind the Club can be fined for your inappropriate behavior and you can be barred from attending games.
  1. To assist your child in arriving to practices and games on time and ready to play.
  1. To be on time to pick up your child from practices to avoid inconveniencing the coach or other parents who will have to remain at the field until you arrive.
  1. To check your emails daily for information from your team parent or coach. Email will be the primary and most often used means of communication.
  1. To understand that time and field locations for away games can be changed up to the Thursday before a scheduled Sunday game and remain flexible in order to accommodate any changes.
  1. To be aware that field closures are determined by the Township Recreation Department. Please check your email for notices from your team parent and/or the Township website (www.bernards.org) which will post closures. Coaches will try their best to make-up practices and will schedule a make-up if 6 players can attend.
  1. To assist the team parent if possible with her or his responsibilities, if they are unavailable or are otherwise in need of assistance.
  1. To address any concerns you have directly with the coach and/or team parent. Please do not initiate a conversation during practice or game time with the Coach as it takes away time from the whole team. If the issue requires further resolution, please direct all concerns to Brett Buzby at 908-766-1779.
  1. To complete and timely return all forms and payments required by the Club, team parent or coach and to complete a coach evaluation form at the end of each season.

What can you expect from our coaches?

  1. A commitment to and active implementation of the Club's Mission Statement and Philosophy.
  1. Quality coaching and development of your children's soccer skills in a positive, non-demeaning environment.
  1. To hold a pre-season meeting to review objectives and organizational details for the upcoming season.
  1. To arrive timely and prepared to conduct all practices and coach all games, absent any conflict with other Maverick's teams he or she may coach.
  1. To be responsive to your questions during the season and to schedule an appropriate time to discuss your child that does not interfere with practice and/or game time.
  1. To provide an evaluation of each player at the end of the season in a diligent and objective manner according to the Club's player evaluation form.
  1. To comply with the Club's policy regarding playing time. Players at the U10 level and below have the expectation of playing at least 50% of each game. This does not mean that each player will receive equal playing time. Playing time above the minimum is at the discretion of the coach. Players at the U11 through U14 level have the reasonable expectation to play at least 40% of each game. Playing time at the U11 level and above will also be determined by participation in practices, player attitude and commitment.

What can you expect from the Club?

  1. The Ridge Mavericks Soccer Club board of trustees, coaches, and team parents will provide leadership and model appropriate behavior for our players.
  1. Board members will act as ambassadors of goodwill when traveling outside of our towns for games and club-related activities. The Club understands and accepts that the behavior of our players, coaches and parents reflects upon the reputation of our Club as well as our communities. We seek to uphold to a standard of excellence.
  1. Club practice sessions and league games will be conducted with the use of qualified, paid coaches who are knowledgeable in all aspects of skill development as well as able teachers of young people. In the event of a conflict, coaches will be assisted by a designated assistant coach, usually a parent volunteer who had undergone training for and obtained an "F" coaching license.
  1. To foster and implement the Club's Mission Statement and Philosophy.
  1. To do our very best to make sure that you and your child's experience with the Club and her or his team is a positive one.